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Welcome to Forge & Forge

 Forge & Forge, a leading producer of custom impression die forgings and machined components for a wide variety of industries, is the flagship industrial company in the portfolio of the Galaxy Group of companies. Forge & Forge is proud of its ability to maintain long-standing customer relationships by remaining true to its principles of providing its customers with innovative, superior quality products and outstanding customer service.

Quality forged products as well as tightly forged relationships with our clients have made us a leader in our industry. The company produces a wide range of complex as well as simple components in a diverse range of materials. Forge & Forge expanded its manufacturing capabilities in 2008 with the opening of a CNC machining facility and now produces an extensive range of parts to meet the needs of its customers.

Forge & Forge emphasizes on meeting its clients' requirements by providing them with customized forging and machining solutions. As one of the most recognized forging companies in India, we have built a reputation of being a forward thinking, plan-design-build company, committed to our quality objective of satisfying our clients’ needs.

We deal in closed die forgings of carbon, alloys and stainless steel and have the capacity to produce 12000 ton of finished product annually, ranging from 1 to 60 kgs/piece by weight. Our CNC machining facilities are capable of producing both milling and turning components ranging in size from 5mm to 2 metres.